Bringing Back That Lovin’ Feelin’

When I jumped at the chance to play along on Deborah Nam-Krane’s Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ blog hop a few months ago, I knew what I was getting into. I knew, at the end of the summer, we’d all take another turn, but instead write about something our hearts came back to.

I knew. But I played along anyway.

And as the time to write again drew near, it was confirmed for me that this is a much more difficult topic. I’m a gal of my convictions. When I decide I’m done with something, I’m done with it. I don’t come crawling back or beg for forgiveness. I move on.

So, this was a struggle. But I think I came up with something pretty acceptable. Even better than acceptable. It’s grrrrrreat!

I have fallen back in love with…


No, no, hear me out. As a child of the 80’s, it was impossible to face a day without my morning bowl of cereal. Mom let us choose a box every week at the grocery store. And just look at the available selection:


I mean…come on! Right?  And the prizes? Guys, they all had prizes inside. Prizes!

It. Was. Awesome.

But as I got older, my mornings became a bit hectic. I started to place more value on the snooze button than my bowls of sugary goodness. Planned breakfast time gave way to grabbing whatever was quick, portable, and easy to stuff in my face on the way out the door.

In college, I didn’t even allow for that. If I moved quickly enough, I could get anywhere on campus before the chimes were finished…chiming. So I sometimes slept in my clothes so I could hit the floor running as soon as I heard those things. Breakfast was not an option.

And it hasn’t been for years. Well, it’s been an option, but it hasn’t been a priority.

Until now.

Recent events have suddenly thrust my husband and I into the position of having time every morning to sit down to breakfast. Together. And it’s been lovely. Honestly, it’s been a highlight of each day. And it’s not just about the food this time around. We’re spending peaceful time together. We talk about the day ahead or articles we’ve read or recipes we’d like to try. It’s like our own little huddle before splitting off for the day. 

But I know you probably want to hear about the food, so I’ll tell you. Most days, we keep it simple with some old skool boxes of fun. Jay likes the chocolate milk in his bowl after Cocoa Puffs. I tend to go for either Fruity Pebbles, or Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch.

Pebbles Bowl

But just this past Friday, Jay put in some extra special effort, and fried up some leftover Smoked Brisket (from our Eclipse viewing party that wasn’t really a party – just the two of us) with some cubed potatoes and onions and mole peppers and eggs. It was brisket hash! And it. Was. Awesome.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m back, Breakfast! And I think I love you now more than ever.

Be sure to stop in at Caroline’s Blog tomorrow to see what has brought back that lovin’ feelin’ for her.

2 Replies to “Bringing Back That Lovin’ Feelin’”

  1. Oh my–this brings back some memories! When I was nine years old, my favorite thing in the world was canned corned beef hash, and it didn’t just have to be for breakfast 😀 (Obviously, this was before I became a vegetarian!) And have you *seen* all of the love that cereal has been getting in the last couple of years? Every year or so I have to make a batch of Milk Bar’s Cereal Milk. I’m not proud, but it tastes so good, LOL

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